About Our Association


» About Us

The Association for Social Change (ASC) was founded by activists in order to carry out various campaigns on social, cultural and environmental issues and to support such efforts through projects and campaigns.

» Our Mission

The Association aims contributing to a civil society that is democratic, respectful of human rights, mindful of cultural and ideological differences as sources of richness. To this end, the association carries out advocacy work, launches campaigns, and conducts research, training, lobbying and similar activities to:

  • Foster participation and democracy within the civil society,
  • Strengthen the freedom of association and autonomy,
  • Ensure the coexistence of different cultural identities, faiths and opinions,
  • Create a community that respects human rights,
  • Resolve disputes amicably and through dialogue,
  • Eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination,
  • Build relationships with non-governmental organizations from abroad, especially with those from Europe and neighbouring countries,

» Our Fields of Activity

  • Racism, nationalism and discrimination
  • Democracy, human rights, cultural diversity, biodiversity and water issues
  • Active participation of civil society

» Our Projects…

Our Flagship Theme for 2010-2012 is “Hate Crimes”

» Our Projects on Hate Crimes

Campaign for hate crimes legislation

We would like to develop draft legislation for hate crimes based on the examples from the EU and the USA.


  • Visits to all political parties represented in the national assembly, the Ministry of  Interior and the Ministry of Justice to submit our proposed legislation
  • Lobbying for the establishment of a special parliamentary committee on hate crimes
  • Grassroots campaigning

Monitoring Centre

We will establish a monitoring centre for hate crimes, racial and ethnic discrimination.


  • To raise public awareness on hate crimes legislation
  • To collect and publish accurate data and statistics on the frequency and prevalence of hate crimes
  • To offer adequate legal assistance to victims of discrimination as they seek legal remedy

Network against hate crimes and racial discrimination

We will initiate a national network in seven regions of Turkey


  • Network meetings in Ankara, Bursa, Diyarbakir, Hatay, Istanbul, Izmir, Kars, Kocaeli and Ordu
  • Building partnerships with local CSOs representing the communities vulnerable to hate crimes and discrimination, mass organizations such as trade unions, women and disabled groups, and local authorities

Monitoring of daily newspapers

We will monitor hate crimes in 10 daily national papers (these will compromise at least 80 per cent of the total market share) so that we can provide necessary data to track and respond to such offences.


  • To monitor and report hate crimes, racial and ethnic discrimination
  • To collect data on attitudes in the society on hate crimes and to report our findings quarterly.

International conference on hate crimes and discrimination

Every year, we would like to organize an International Conference on Hate Crimes and Discrimination to raise awareness on hate crimes and intolerance in general; to share experiences and knowledge and to find ways for joint and effective struggle against hate crimes and intolerance in particular.


  • 1st International Conference in April 2011
  • In partnership with the International Hrant Dink Foundation and the Initiative for “Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism”

» Our projects on Cultural Diversity

Festival for Tolerance and Diversity

We will organize a Festival for Tolerance and Diversity to raise awareness on hate crimes and intolerance in the society and to promote and foster tolerance and diversity in Turkish society


  • Festival in Istanbul in partnership with the Initiative for “Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism” in September 2011
  • NGO booths, exhibitions, shows, performances, workshops
  • Active participation of ethnic, linguistic, religious minorities, disadvantaged groups, migrant and refugee organizations