Water Rights Campaign


Water as an integral part of life is also becoming a candidate for the most important political and economic topic of the 21st century. With growing world population, fast contamination of drinking water sources which is already limited, disruption of ecological balance by HPP and dam construction etc., the importance of water is increasing and meetings, events, actions are taking place around the world about water.

Because of limited available clean water resources, water is on the one hand becoming vitally important and on the other hand it is an opportunity for those who are seeking profit. The privatization of water is the product of this perspective. Moreover, the privatization of water today has become more than simply making money, but a problem of presence / absence: the gap between people who think that recognition of water is a right to life and those that believe it should be treated as a commodity widens every day. While the governments supported by the large water monopolies legislate the new privatization laws and water companies that make money out of this, for millions of people access to drinking water is becoming more and more difficult every day.

While millions of people having  difficulty in reaching clean, usable water and thus, unable to sustain their lives, particularly the transboundary waters are seen as a “strategic” pressure and blackmail tool by states. Namely water, while being an essential matter for all the living things, for some it has become a political argument, moreover  a “weapon”.

The water for Water Rights Campaign is an indispensable “right to life” beyond all reckonings, tactics, strategies and the right of access to water for all living things is inviolable. Therefore, while using water as a weapon or a political pressure tool can not be acceptable, it is also unacceptable to be bought and sold as a commercial commodity. Even if today it is taken for granted, selling water is the equivalent of selling air and it’s as much unacceptable.

In a world where population increases are high, already limited sources of drinking water is depleted and polluted rapidly, of course, one can expect someone to profit from this growing demand of water. In the current system, everything declining has a “market” value. Just like some animal species that are decreased by killing, to gain a “market” value because of this decreasing in numbers. Therefore Water Rights Campaign as its basic policy opposes selling and addressing water as a commodity in the face of this depletion and increasing difficulty in access to water.

Water Rights Campaign endeavors to become the authority for those who  oppose in Turkey and the world the privatization of water turning it into a commodity, the destruction of nature by building new dams and HPP and deterioration of the ecological balance and a platform to be heard of the cries. Henceforth, Water Rights Campaign is waiting everyone’s contribution who think and act for recognition of water as the right to life rather than a commodity to be sold and conservation of water resources and use of water.

What we do?

Water Rights Campaign, from the point that recognizes water as a right to life, opposes identifying water as a commodity that can be sold or as a consumable material, in 2010will be organizing the following activities :

Publish articles on water written by local government experts and news and any developments on water rights and  studies by academics and activists in Turkey and the world, through www.suhakki.org website.

Publish brochures, books, articles regarding the right to water and submit them to relevant people as before.

Organize an International Water Symposium on the 5th and 6th November 2010 in Diyarbakır, towards creating the concrete and workable alternative water policies, hosted by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, with Southeast Anatolian Municipalities Union’s contribution and other municipalities which we will call upon.

Who Conducts the Water Rights Campaign?

Association for Social Change, Hasankeyf Conservation Initiative, the Global Action Group and the Social Democracy Foundation constitute the Water Rights Campaign. The activities are being carried out by the support of Don’t Touch My Water Campaign and  Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

How do I Join?

To participate in the Water Rights Campaign or to be informed of the events, contact address is [email protected], or you can subscribe to communication list (Turkish), [email protected]